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2008-01-12 09:28:47 by Obor-Motsu

This site has progressivly warped my mind... I fear that Newgrounds has turned me Emo... more than i was b4...

But I say its ok, because ive met up with an Emo girl and we get along great, so I say... THANK YOU NEWGROUNDS, although im now more Emo than i ever was, this is the only good thing that came from constantly being on the net, other than a myriad of viruses and trojans... lolz

I love this site, and any1 who doesnt should BURN IN HELL!!! Or any other place that resembles a burning wasteland 4 that matter, because im baptised christian, but am a strict non-believer.


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2008-01-12 10:24:13

the reason newgrounds is turning emo is because of you people always speaking about emo.

tbh, i've always seen newgrounds as being the same as when I joined. A kick ass place to have fun.

Obor-Motsu responds:

lol yeah

But the game changes as you play it, just as life does...
I guess you just gotta follow along


2008-01-12 10:30:27

if people stop talking about emos, they won't take over the internet.

Obor-Motsu responds:

They arent taking over the internet... but i guess its kindof a new fad... like Goth was in the 80's


2008-01-12 10:45:51

How could Newgrounds make you turn Emo? I don't get it? The only thing it can do is to turn you into a psycho killer if you watch too much of David Firth's work but even that is a stretch. How do you think about suicide more because of Newgrounds. In fact it makes me loving to be here watching and listening to all this stuff.

That's a "cute" story but.... And the term Emo is so overused!

Anyway, stick with us, life is great, even for an emo.

Bonne journée

Obor-Motsu responds:

J'te crois, mais essaye d'expliquer ça aux morons sur ce site...