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Song posted, read all about it!

2007-11-03 11:54:18 by Obor-Motsu

Iv gotten into the midi-making bizz, so anyone go on ahead and check my song out...

I'll add one or two about per week, so they'll be pretty steady incoming... Check them out!

Alone In Thy Dark
Hell Rising Outreth
Trance Playa
Primeval Medival
Sevanth Lvl Trance
Veiled Spectrum
Apocalyptic Herecy
Life Gives No Second Chances
Beware The Metal Terror
Trapped Within Ones Mind
Ghosts Past Life Revived

All of these are in order from oldest to newest... enjoy!


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2007-11-25 15:13:38

this is d3stroytoy it't just my new account

Obor-Motsu responds:

kk, dude