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Entry #7

School's out, YAY!

2008-06-27 21:36:38 by Obor-Motsu

Alright, so far I've got one full-time job during the week, 40-50 hours per...
Does Newgrounds think this too much for a sixteen yearold? Or should I get even more?

I'm planning on saving it all and getting a plane ticket at the end of next school year, move to the states and become an American citizen. Shouldn't be too hard really seeing as I have clean record and am Canadian from birth.
So what do you guys think?
[In the end it all goes into paying for food, rent, car and whatever else... It seems quite cheap in Miami right now, seeing as the cost of houses went down 26.7% in the last 1 1\2 years.]

And seeing a long-distance girlfriend falls into the mix somewhere between a 12th grade and part-time jobs.

Sound right?

If not, please offer suggestions of changed bits in this plan of mine... Anything to make it more realistic.
[Oh, and I've got family in Miami as well... Might actually go with them rather than rent out]

Greatly appreciated!

School's out, YAY!


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2008-06-27 21:42:23

aint it wounderful?

Obor-Motsu responds:

Rather really confusing and distracting.
Wonder if I'll actually get my Sec V graduation from highschool (Our 11th grade and last here) with all that's going on.


2008-08-23 15:21:51

Whatever happened to your music? :(