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School's out, YAY!

2008-06-27 21:36:38 by Obor-Motsu

Alright, so far I've got one full-time job during the week, 40-50 hours per...
Does Newgrounds think this too much for a sixteen yearold? Or should I get even more?

I'm planning on saving it all and getting a plane ticket at the end of next school year, move to the states and become an American citizen. Shouldn't be too hard really seeing as I have clean record and am Canadian from birth.
So what do you guys think?
[In the end it all goes into paying for food, rent, car and whatever else... It seems quite cheap in Miami right now, seeing as the cost of houses went down 26.7% in the last 1 1\2 years.]

And seeing a long-distance girlfriend falls into the mix somewhere between a 12th grade and part-time jobs.

Sound right?

If not, please offer suggestions of changed bits in this plan of mine... Anything to make it more realistic.
[Oh, and I've got family in Miami as well... Might actually go with them rather than rent out]

Greatly appreciated!

School's out, YAY!

Ok, so long weekend came by and I'm still bored as hell... haven't been on Newgrounds much, so I figured I'd let you guys have a chance to blast a newb :P ....

I'm in love with a girl that I met online in a free MMO, and though she lives about 30 hours drive away from where I am on the Interstate it's still nice to talk to her over the phone.
I haven't met her in person, but we photo-share on Yahoo messenger and correspond daily by means of the game, inter-state postage and phone.

Here's my question... Do you guys think that I should give up on her? I've never been this much in love in my life, and I'm not joking when I say that I've known her for about 7 months, and things are good...
So far...

I'm just not sure I should ask her straight out if she would like me to visit... Either that or we just keep it as it is, ...

But should I really drop this thing before it gets out of hand?

Got bored so here's new post...

Ok dudes... Im pissed...

2008-01-28 18:49:12 by Obor-Motsu

The world seems to be pitted against me...
Every1 keeps dumping on me, even when I wasnt the one responsible...

I dont know what to do... I tried to barrel roll, but i hurt myself on a desk... THAT was my ONLY bad so far, although that it didnt help at all... LOLZ!!!

Any helpful words of advice newgrounders? Plz... My fate hangs in the balance cause my GF said shes gonna leave me if i cant change... somehow... and I dont even know whats changed in the first place cause im acting liek i usually do nyways...

HELP!!!... Pic related to my life at the moment

Ok dudes... Im pissed...

I can't hear the music!

2008-01-12 18:24:12 by Obor-Motsu

I have kinda run short on ideas and even my family sais that i seem to have lost my touch...
The music has left the building, i might not post any more, but on the offhand chance that i do, please dont post crap reviews telling me how i could change something to maek it sound better... I already know that they suck...

Obor-Motsu... signing out...

I can't hear the music!


2008-01-12 09:28:47 by Obor-Motsu

This site has progressivly warped my mind... I fear that Newgrounds has turned me Emo... more than i was b4...

But I say its ok, because ive met up with an Emo girl and we get along great, so I say... THANK YOU NEWGROUNDS, although im now more Emo than i ever was, this is the only good thing that came from constantly being on the net, other than a myriad of viruses and trojans... lolz

I love this site, and any1 who doesnt should BURN IN HELL!!! Or any other place that resembles a burning wasteland 4 that matter, because im baptised christian, but am a strict non-believer.

Song posted, read all about it!

2007-11-03 11:54:18 by Obor-Motsu

Iv gotten into the midi-making bizz, so anyone go on ahead and check my song out...

I'll add one or two about per week, so they'll be pretty steady incoming... Check them out!

Alone In Thy Dark
Hell Rising Outreth
Trance Playa
Primeval Medival
Sevanth Lvl Trance
Veiled Spectrum
Apocalyptic Herecy
Life Gives No Second Chances
Beware The Metal Terror
Trapped Within Ones Mind
Ghosts Past Life Revived

All of these are in order from oldest to newest... enjoy!


2007-10-16 19:01:56 by Obor-Motsu

Nobody has me as a NG friend, and my list is equally as empty!

And now im hungry, just great...

But, bet ya anything that my taco is more appetising than EL-7's